Tuesday, February 14, 2012

38 Weeks

Today I had the joy of going to the doctor to find out if there might be any insight about his arrival. Thought it was awesome getting to hear him, I kind of got no news. They say no news is good news right? Well, unless its when you're trying to decide if you're ready for baby or not! I just need someone to tell me that he's coming when he's coming. I'm not patient and I'm a control freak! Add these two things together and it makes for an exhausting last few weeks of pregnancy for sure.

I first got to stand on the scale to start my appointment. I've gained a total of 37 pounds and the doctor hasn't said anything positive or negative about my weight gain. I'm happy with it and I know that when that number goes up it means that Baby Boy is healthy and growing. The doctor had my GBS test back and said that it was negative, so Baby Boy and I won't be needing any antibiotics during/after his delivery. Today Baby Boy's heart rate was 146 and the doctor actually used the word "perfect" to describe him. I'm glad she and I are on the same page about that! After we listened to his heart the doctor did a cervical check to see if I'm starting to make any progress. She said that I'm 1-2cm dilated and things can happen whenever now.

When I was pregnant with Eden I went into labor 7 days from now. I'm anxious, excited, nervous, ready, not ready, and everything in between about the idea of Baby Boy being here. I went to the labor and delivery floor when I was at the hospital when I was done with my appointment to see if it would make me more ready for his arrival. I'm not sure that it worked though. It was nice to see that the rooms are a decent size and I learned that I will deliver on one floor and be moved to another floor after the baby gets here.

I was a little shocked that they said they would probably send me home after being in the hospital for just one day! She said that as long as it isn't your first child "you know what to expect" and because of that they send you home sooner. Say what? I know what to expect? I mean, yes, I've had a baby before, but that was 2 years ago and I'm not sure anyone knows what to expect when it comes to newborns, do they? Oh well, we'll see how things go and we'll just sit and wait it out until the next appointment...if there's a next appointment!

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