Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Whole Lot of Random

This week was a really random week for me. Over the weekend last weekend I had SO MUCH energy. We swore this baby was coming without a doubt. Well, the weekend came and went and so did my energy. I actually sent my dad a text message on Tuesday asking him for prayers because I was just in a funk and couldn't find my way out of it. It took me all day to fold a basket of laundry and every little thing that Eden did was the end of the world. I'm not sure if it's being pregnant or if it's just that I used all my energy and had nothing left on reserve after the weekend, but there was something. After talking to my dad, shedding a few tears and coming back to reality things started looking up and Eden and I started getting along again! 

February 16 - Eden decided she would stand in the window...on the window sill. Oh, and in her underwear! Where does she learn this stuff?! I know I've never done this before!
February 17 - My new sewing machine and all its glory! I've even made a {very simple} curtain for the laundry room with it! It's SO quiet!!!
February 18 - Fabric shopping because the only thing I want to do is sew, sew, sew! These were ideas for the kitchen, but I'm not sold on either one as of yet.
February 19 - 39 weeks, Baby boy doesn't have much more room to grow, so he needs to come on out already! 
February 20 - Eden's kitchen accessories were taking up the majority of the "counter space" that was allotted on her kitchen that she got for Christmas, so I painted a shelf we weren't using and hung it in the toy room for some added storage for her. 
February 21 - I was folding clothes and I had the tv on. My guess is that Eden got too impatient  with me and just decided to relax and watch tv too. This is how she set herself up...pillow, blanket and all!
February 22 - Eden set up her tray for breakfast. She loves to sit in the living room and eat on the floor!
February 23 - Such a beautiful and sunny day in Southern California! Eden loves to play with Cael and Cael loves to play with Eden. When they can play outside, there's nothing that can go wrong!

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