Saturday, February 11, 2012

Half Way Through

As I wrap up this week I have a few realizations. 1 - The month is already about half over! {How did that happen} 2 - My birthday is next week {I totally forgot because I've been so excited about Baby Boy getting here soon} 3 - Though I missed having a "winter" I'm in love with the weather here because we can go outside whenever we want 4 - I love that my brother is a Sailor! {He's traveled a long bumpy road to get to where he is now and he deserves what he has and where he's made it to!}
January 5 - This is Parker's graduation gift for finishing boot camp this week. I had to make sure to get it done before Friday so he can at least have a picture of it at graduation. The Great Lakes plank has a "letter" on the back of it so he can always remember how proud we are of him for this accomplishment.
January 5 - Daddy was busy watching the Super Bowl and Eden got into his wallet! Here she is holding everything that she took out - cash, cards, business cards, and everything else.
January 6 - When Eden got up from her nap she came to "find me" in the office and she found Daddy's xbox gear. 
January 7 - My blue candle lit for Parker's completion of battlestations last night. We are SO proud of him for everything that he's done and for working as hard as he has to finish boot camp.
January 8 - Lane went to put Eden's lunch on the table and found this. She had put the brushes in a perfect pattern and fanned them out all by herself. I know when I put them on the table that my hands were full so I dropped them haphazardly on the table. 
January 8 - Our smart girl with her paint brushes. She wasn't interested in taking a picture, she wanted her lunch!
January 9 - Eden playing with the bubbles in the back yard. She still loves it when Ginger jumps at the bubbles and eats them! I think she likes that Ginger plays with the bubbles more than she likes the actual bubbles!
February 10 - This is how I found Eden's dresser this morning. The 2 empty sections are usually full of stuffed animals. She decided to get them all our {she's never done this before} and lay them down on her bed.

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