Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Proud Sister

The picture we're sending to Parker's graduation on Friday since we can't be there in person. Eden got to color the poster with a blue marker and crayon because the color the families/friends of Parker's division are wearing is blue.
Today was the day! Parker got to call home and tell us that he is an official Navy Sailor!! When he called Eden got to talk to him. I asked her if she could say "you're a Sailor" and she said, "Parker, you Sayer" which made him laugh. She told him that she loved him and she was full of smiles when she was talking to him.

He did battlestations last night and has been up since 4am yesterday. He said that they had to do fire fighting, moving amo from one place to another while the ship was flooding and all kinds of other things. As of last week he had gotten perfect scores on his inspections and only had one inspection and one test remaining before battlestations. I could not be more proud of him and everything he's accomplished so far!

While the Recruits go through their battlestations "test" it is tradition to light a blue candle. This is tradition throughout the navy to bring the Sailors home safely. I made sure to light my blue candle yesterday as they were preparing for battlestations and I still have it lit. Lane wasn't too excited about having an open flame all night, so I put it in the shower so it couldn't get knocked down by the dogs or one of us and so that it was in a glass enclosed area. Let me tell you, when Baby Boy wiggled on my bladder last night, the delicious smell of the candle in the bathroom was pretty amazing! It was a fresh smell and I kind of liked it! I like to think that keeping my candle lit all night last night was part of what helped the guys through, so a huge thanks to Lane for not blowing it out!
My candle this morning. I took it out of the shower and put it in the kitchen.
 I can't wait to hopefully have the opportunity to video chat with him on Friday after his graduation. Everything will depend on if they are somewhere with internet connection {so I'm going to keep my fingers crossed.}

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