Friday, February 24, 2012

Just Wait

That's what I do these days, just wait. Baby Boy has decided to slow things down and take his sweet time to come meet us all. I had an appointment today and the doctor didn't seem optimistic about a delivery any time soon. Of course, he'll be here sooner than later at this point, but not too soon. She did another pelvic check on me and I've made SOME progress, just not much. Not a big deal to be honest with you. And actually, it was exactly what I thought she might say today. After all, even though my water broke at home with Eden I still only dilated to 1cm by the time I made it to the hospital.

This go round, I've already made it to 2cm! That's progress if I've ever made any on my own! All in all the appointment went well. My blood pressure looks completely normal {120s/80s} and Baby Boy's heart rate sounded good and strong {she didn't show me his numbers, but it sounded good!}. When she did my check she said I was between 2-3cm, but since my cervix isn't thinning she would consider me 2cm and 25% effaced. Not great, but I'll take what little progress I can make as long as we both remain healthy.

Oh, but I almost forgot...She also set an induction date. By the time March 5 rolls around we'll be meeting Baby Boy. I have to call labor and delivery on March 5, see if they're busy and if they aren't they'll let me know when I need to come in so they can get things going. Lane and I agree, if the kids are going to have birthdays so close, we want them to have the same birthday, but the doctor wasn't budging for that. She also said that she didn't see enough medical reason for inducing on leap year next week. Oh well, so by March 6 we'll be a family of 4! Get ready because you're going to know his name before too long!

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