Thursday, February 2, 2012

Left Hangin'

It's just plain rude of me to write a post about possibly being in labor and then not say anything else for a few days. Sorry for that. I've made sure Eden and I have been getting lots of Mommy/Daughter time while it's still just the 2 of us at home during the day. I wasn't in active labor and my contractions did slow down on Monday. I'm still having occasional false labor contractions here and there, but Baby Boy is still tucked tightly away for now and has not made his debut yet! {Sorry, that means he must still be referred to as "Baby Boy" and not by his name...soon, very soon you will know!}

I did end up calling the doctor simply because I had contractions for an entire day. When I called they didn't seem worried about what was going on after asking a series of questions and verifying that I had not broken my water or had any bleeding. From what I could tell them over the phone they seemed to think that if I had come in I wouldn't be progressed enough to admit me to the hospital even if my contractions were legit. They don't base admission to the hospital on contractions alone, they pay more attention to dilation and changes of the cervix and if your water has broken. Of course there's no way of knowing if I've had any cervical changes without going to the doctor and my water has obviously not broken, so we're hanging on to time at this point.

People see me and ask when I'm due. Now that we're in February I'm a little anxious and always answer "at the end of this month" and to me that is very scary! How is it possible that I'm so close {yet so far away} to meeting my son...and, wait, son?! Oh my goodness! I'm going to have a son soon!!!!!

Oh, and another anxiety producer is that the further into February we get {I know, we're only 2 days in so far!} the more real it becomes that there's an extra day in February this year. I keep saying that I don't think he's going to stay tucked away until the 27th, and because I keep saying that he's going to outlast his due date to prove me wrong. Well, if he does that, we run the risk of him only having a {true} birthday every 4 years! I'm so on the fence with this I want him to come early and cut out days that I have with just Eden and me, or do I want him to come late and {possibly} have a leap year birthday? Either way, doesn't matter what I want, he's comin' when he comes! He's going to keep us on our toes until then, and then beyond!

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