Saturday, February 18, 2012


As I get closer to the 39 week mark I feel like that's the official "end" of pregnancy. Everyone says you go earlier  with each child and my water broke the night of 39 weeks and 39 weeks 1 day with Eden. We're quickly approaching that milestone and I'm so eager! Monday marks 39 weeks, which is the night that my water broke with Eden. If I'm going to hold true to going earlier with baby #2, then that means I'll have a baby within 48 hours.

There are days that I can see this happening, but there are days that I feel like I'll have to be induced. Days like today when I had a super burst of energy make me feel like I'm going to go into labor today. {Don't worry, we made sure to put my energy to good use and we cleaned out the garage so my car can fit in!} Then I remember that I've been having contractions almost every day for 3 weeks {just tightening of my belly, nothing truly labor-like} and I'm only dilated 1-2cm as of Tuesday. And there's the fact that about a week ago Baby Boy decided to decent from my ribs into my pelvis, so I should be in labor soon, right? Problem is that all "signs of labor" that I've experienced mean impending labor within the next few hours...days...or weeks! Ugh.

I guess we'll continue playing the waiting game to see when Baby Boy wants you to know his name! Patience is not my strong suit, so I'm just trying to remember that I have never been in control of this and that he will be here when the time is right...

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