Monday, February 6, 2012

Home Improvement

Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday and we offered to host some friends to watch the game. We did chili, 7 layer taco dip, cookies, and some chocolate covered strawberries {that look like footballs!}
 Because we were having people over we made sure to tackle some of the projects that we've been putting off for forever! We finished painting the downstairs bathroom. We finished trimming out the paint on the stairs. We even hung the mirror and our last name frames in the kitchen!

I'm super excited to have this done now because I can justify getting the IKEA sofa table that I want. I've wanted this table for so long and haven't really had anywhere to put it before, so I've put it off and put it off.
I think this will be perfect for the wall under the mirror! I'm glad I can justify the purchase finally. I know it is going to be worth it too because I've wanted this table for so long now! I'm excited and giddy just thinking about it.

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