Saturday, February 4, 2012


It seems that this week my pictures turned out being of family and the love of a family. I couldn't be more grateful for the family that we've been blessed with and I'm excited to see our little family grow {even though the idea still scares me!!!}
January 28 - Eden comes into our room and watches a tv show most mornings. This morning Lane was tired and he had rolled over and put his arm around Eden. Her response was to place her hand on top of his. These are the moments that I live for! This was just too sweet not to get excited about!
January 29 - My mom and dad sent me a coffee mug. It was a surprise to me {and quite early for my birthday!} I love drinking my coffee out of it because it has a representation of all sides of the Travis clan!
*Mommy and Eden*Parker and Sara*Parker and me*
January 29 - The other side of the mug.
*Me and Lane*Parker, me, Karen, Mom and Dad*
January 30 - Eden was standing on my bed one morning right after she woke up {isn't it obvious by the bed head?!} and her panties needed to be "ficked." When I offered to help she responded with, "no, Eden fick it" and made matters much worse before they got better!
January 31 - I loved all of the Navy things that I found at Target for little girls. I'm just glad that a, we aren't going to Parker's graduation next week because I would have bought one of everything and b, they didn't have Eden's size in ANY of the outfits!
February 1 - My mom asked me to cut out some letters for a scarf she's making for Parker's graduation next week. The family members of his division have decided to wear blue scarves so the Sailors can find their families easier when Pass in Review {their graduation ceremony} is going on. Mom and Dad are taking it one step further and doubling one of their scarves as a "banner" too with his name and ship/division on it! I'm so bummed to miss this because I'm so proud of him and it is such a great accomplishment.
February 2 - This morning while I was showering Lane went and told Eden that she could come out of her room when she was ready to start the day. I expected her to come immediately if she knew there was someone in the shower. When she didn't come out right away Lane went back and peeked in on her and she had put "Pillow Cow," "Baby," "Pink Bear," "Brown Bear," and "Special Bear" to sleep before she came into our room. I can't wait to see how helpful and sweet Eden is to her baby brother. 
February 3 - Eden and I were going to play at a friends house and she wanted to take her hat. I told her if she wanted to take it, she had to put it on {because I didn't want to carry it} and this is her proud face after getting her hat on.
February 4 - Family picture day was coming up and I wanted to see how our outfits would go together. Hopefully they look ok in the pictures we had taken too!
February 5 - Eden now sits behind the driver and beside her brother's seat. Here's hoping I didn't jinx us by putting the car seat into the's all for appearances, we aren't actually ready for him to be in the car!

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