Monday, February 13, 2012

Potty Dance

I find myself getting more and more excited when we have potty training breakthroughs. Today we had a HUGE breakthrough with Eden. Best part about it?! We didn't even have to try for it! I wanted to do the potty dance with Eden, but I knew she'd look at me like I was crazy since we've never done the potty dance before!

This morning she and I got up and I expected to be out of the house most of the day to run errands. We needed to go down to the base to go grocery shopping. I don't go down there all the time because it can take 30 minutes to get there sometimes and that isn't always worth the money that you might save by shopping at the commissary. Remember those 10 freezer meals I'm going to be making this week? Yeah, the amount of meat that I needed to get alone was money saving enough to go to the commissary. Anyways, since we were down on base we planned on lunch with Daddy too. Oh, and who can forget the playground? When it was all said and done, I knew it was going to be a long morning, and possibly a long day for us.

I changed Eden's diaper right before we left the house after she went potty. On the way down to the base she had a cup of milk and ate her muffins for breakfast. We hit up the playground first and had a blast. I got to talk to another mom and Eden got to have "my turn!" with her new friends that she made. After the playground we went to the commissary to get our groceries and Lane met us there. We got something to eat for lunch and we had a picnic in the back of the car {it was actually cooler than normal and drizzling, so we couldn't eat outside today}. With her lunch, Eden had an entire juice box. Last stop before leaving base was the gas station. While the gas pumped I was going to change Eden's diaper in the front seat because I just knew it had to be completely full!

I was shocked beyond belief that Eden's diaper was completely dry! Not one drop of pee pee in the diaper. Oh. My. Goodness! Could this be real?! Unfortunately, there wasn't a bathroom to take her to and she was very upset at not being able to try on the potty. I also didn't want to tell her to use her diaper after she had kept it dry all morning, but I didn't have any other options, ugh...I ended up telling her that we were on our way home and if she couldn't hold it she could use her diaper. I also told her that since we were on our way home she could use the potty when we got there.

Lane got her out of the car when we got home and...drum roll please...she was still DRY! She got to sit on her potty and pee like she had never peed before! I was so excited that even in the midst of playing and having a picnic in the car and all the excitement that the morning held for us that she stayed dry. I never even asked her if she needed to go potty and I never even attempted to take her to the bathroom while we were out because I knew she had on a diaper. I guess we're making progress that I didn't realize we were making. I'm super proud of her and couldn't ask for anything more with her potty training thus far - well, maybe that she refrain from ever pooping in the pantry again, but that's it!

Now we're off to learn the potty dance so we can enjoy these awesome moments even more when they happen!!

*Update, 2/16/12: Eden pooped on the potty after I posted this and has pooped on the potty 2 other times this week. That means that today is Thursday and she has pooped on the potty all but one day this week! She's told us each time that she needed to go and has sat on the potty knowing that she was going to poop! The only other time she's pooped on the potty prior to this was an accident. She had NO ACCIDENTS yesterday and we're on track today too! It's only almost 1, so there's plenty of day left, but I'm proud none the less!!!*

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