Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today I was SPOILED by loved ones. Lots of messages and of cards and presents and calls! My friend Angie took me to lunch today and her oh so gracious husband agreed to keep Eden and their 2 kids so that we could have an adult meal. We found a great Mediterranean Cuisine restaurant close by and had a delicious {quiet} lunch.

As I'm sure you've realized, I've been sewing a lot more recently and trying to teach myself. Lane has also realized that this is the case and he's decided to feed my new addiction! He got me a new sewing machine and it even has embroidery functions! Oh. My. Goodness. I am in love with it! I can't wait to try to learn how to use it. The machine I've been using is the one that my mom used to make things for me when I was a baby {and maybe before I was even around}. Needless to say, machines have come A LONG WAY since this one was made! This new one is a lot of digital things and it threads itself and the bobbin is just amazing because all I have to do is drop it in! Along with the actual machine I'm able to go into the store where Lane got the machine and they'll teach me how to use it and I also can have free maintenance on it while we live here in California! Amazing!!!! {I will probably be using my gift card from Lane's parents to get the threads and stuff that I need for the machine so I can start using it as soon as possible!}
My parents sent my gift to me earlier this week {but I had to wait to open it} and it is just as amazing - in its own way! Lane and I are constantly trying to find a surface in the house that we can put the camera on in order to get family pictures. Most of my belly pictures have been taken from the bookshelf or the back of the couch. I asked my dad if I could have his when we were there for Thanksgiving and he gave me "his look" {that he claims he doesn't have}. When he gives the look, you know that you've asked a stupid question, done something he can't believe you did, or something along those lines. Needless to say, I love that I have my own tripod now!

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