Friday, February 10, 2012

Big Toot

Eden's bodily functions are typically no secret. We know when she has or needs to pee and poop since she's potty training {sort of}. She laughs and giggles when she burps. We try to follow these giggles up with "What do you say if you burp" and she'll reply "escusa me" with a big grin on her face.

When she passes gas she also feels the need to announce it. Though, she doesn't always take credit for the toots. The other day she climbed into Lane's lap on the couch, passed gas, and giggled at him and said "Daddy toot!" She's been known to blame her toots on the dogs too. I guess I don't mind too much as long as she continues to call it a "toot" and she does it at home. She has before told us that "Eden fart" and that got nipped in the bud pretty quickly. She's too young, sweet, and innocent to be "farting."

Today Eden was in the pantry pretending to get food down and fixing it for me. She had recently had a diaper change and we hadn't taken a shower yet, so I didn't put another diaper on her yet. I was waiting to put a diaper on her after the shower so we weren't being wasteful. Come to find out, we wouldn't have been wasting anything at all. As she climbed down from the step she was on in the pantry she said that she had tooted {she had, I heard it!} I went about my business of organizing bags for freezer meals for when Baby Boy arrives because it was my last task before we went upstairs for a shower.

Eden made another toot announcement and said "big toot" so I glanced over my shoulder to see what she was talking about {remember, I heard the toot, but I didn't hear this "big toot" so I was kind of curious.} Low and behold, there was poop on the the pantry...and Eden had no idea she had done it! She was standing there smiling up at me and when I asked her not to step in it, she looked down and realized what I was talking about. Oh. My. Goodness! I laughed out loud at the fact that she was totally clueless! I asked her to go sit on the potty to wait for me to come wipe her {secretly hoping she would finish on the potty} and so I could clean the floor.

If my dogs had pooped on the floor I would have been furious with them. When Eden pooped on the floor I found it hysterical and cleaned it up with a smile on my face!

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