Saturday, February 11, 2012


It's that time! Time to start really getting this nest ready for a baby. Not only do I have urges to clean, but I have them to bake, cook, organize, and stock up. Today I went to the garage to find an extension cord because we got a lamp for Eden's toy room since she can't reach the light switch. I not only found the extension cord I was looking for, but I also rearranged the storage space that we have in the garage.

Some of the other things that are on my list of to do before Baby Boy are:

Make crock pot meals to stock the freezer with - I found a great website that has 5 different recipes on it and all can be put in the freezer just waiting to go into the crock pot! Um, yes please!!!! I figure with Lane's squadron setting up meals for us every other day for 2 weeks immediately followed by both sets of grandparents for a cumulative 18 days {4 are travel days, so I'm not sure how much of the day we'll have them around to visit/help/love on the kids...oh, and us too of course} these will be a lifesaver. Each recipe will make 2 rounds of dinner, so that's 10 homemade meals in the freezer that I won't have to cook - just thaw overnight and throw into the crock pot. I've already got the grocery list planned (it was on the website!) and I've labeled my ziploc bags so all I have to do is prep this week and throw everything in the freezer! This sounds like a dream come true for the amount of sleep I know I won't be getting. More than that though, this sounds like a dream come true for someone learning to split attention between 2 kids for the first time ever!

Get Eden's party organized - I've started making the decorations for Eden's party and I've sent the electronic invites. She's going to have an ice cream themed party this year and we're going to have a lot of fun, but keep it real low key. We only invited about 5-10 friends and their parents and it's just going to be a layed back afternoon of snacks, sweets, and sunshine {hopefully!} I saw somewhere that you can make ice cream in a ziploc, so we're going to have the toppings for the kids and let them make their own ice cream. {I should probably test this out before having it as our "main activity" for her party. I've also found some cute DIY ice cream cone balloons and even instructions on baking cupcakes in an ice cream cone! Can you say excited?! I know I am!!!!!

These are just the "big ticket" to do items on my nesting list right now since most everything is ready for Baby Boy. His room is set, he has a pack n play downstairs for naps, he has a cradle in our room, we have clothes for him to wear, his bag is packed for the hospital and all of his needs are taken care of! I'm sure as time keeps moving I'll come up with more projects to start and finish, but I'm going to try to get these big items taken care of and then take it easy! Yeah right, I'll keep you posted on that part of it!

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