Sunday, February 12, 2012

Motherhood Is...{6}

Eden loved looking at her crazy hair in the mirror after we got out of the shower today. I am just excited that it's long enough to be crazy now! I've waited almost 2 years to be able to spike her hair and now it's finally long enough to make her look crazy.

But for real, motherhood is crazy! Crazy emotions. Crazy kids. Crazy house. Crazy sayings. Just plain crazy! There are good crazy days and there are bad crazy days. Needless to say, my "normal" now involves being crazy all the time! As if from my posts this week about not being ready for Baby Boy and dealing with paranoia and then the next day being more than ready to meet him doesn't prove that life is crazy being a mom, surely knowing that I laughed while cleaning up Eden's poop out of the pantry proves that motherhood can make you crazy!

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