Sunday, February 26, 2012

Motherhood Is...{8}

Being Selfish
Not all the time of course, but isn't the sight of bubbles in the bath one of the most beautiful things after a stressful day/week?! Ah, to allow yourself the time to be alone and in the silence of a bubble bath is nothing short of bliss. I told Lane about a month ago that one of the reasons I enjoy pregnancy so much is because I will allow myself to take time for me without feeling guilty about it. I will make time in the evenings to run a warm bubble bath. I will make time on the weekends when he's home to go get a pedicure {because I can't reach my toes on my own!} I take time out for myself and I'm not sure that I do that when I'm not carrying a child. When I'm not pregnant I worry about taking care of the house, the cooking, the groceries, and everything else {with help from Lane, too} and I feel like I'm more likely to try to take on the world. After the "off" days that I had in the beginning of the week the sight of bubbles in the tub was simply amazing! I couldn't have asked for anything better and I was glad to be selfish and indulge in the silence. 

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