Wednesday, February 8, 2012


All along I've thought that with a second child you're supposed to be more layed back and you're supposed to take things easy. I must have missed the boat because I've been super paranoid and kind of high strung since last week that I'm going to go into labor with this child!

Last week I had contractions that lasted all day and I swore that the baby was coming. And when I thought he was coming, I thought it was going to be sooner than now! I thought for sure he would have come last week and we would miss our family photo shoot. I just knew he'd be coming while Parker was making his phone calls to tell us he was a Sailor and I'd miss the call because I was having a baby. I seem to "just know" when he's coming every day, but really, it will be when I least expect him.

This week I've already walked out of the bathroom asking Lane if my water broke. Yes, I asked him and he rolled his eyes at me! I had gone to the bathroom 4 times in an hour and I could have sworn it was just like when my water broke with Eden {even though I was asleep when it happened then.} But believe me when I tell you that probably within an hour I had a decaf coffee, 2 glasses of water, and a Dr. Pepper. Anyone who had that much to drink within a short period of time would think their water broke...pregnant or not!

A friend of mine makes all of the embroidery stuff that we get for the kids {Oh my, yes, BOTH of my kids! AH!} and they made something for Baby Boy with his name on it. I know, I know, she knows his name! Anyways, I asked her not to post pictures of it because I didn't want people to find out his name before he arrives, but I wanted to have the shirt for him. I was looking at pictures that she's posted and saw Baby Boy's name and I freaked out! It was not his shirt and it wasn't anything that even made sense to be for him, but I still had a minor panic attack!

I need to have this baby so people can know his name and I can stop freaking out. I need to have this baby so I can stop assuming that I'm going into labor. I need to have this baby so I can stop thinking that every twinge I feel is a labor pain. I mean come on...I've done this once before, I should know what labor is like...right?!

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