Monday, January 30, 2012


I guess we'll never know as long as I sit on the couch and do nothing about it!

I woke up this morning having contractions. I thought if I just stayed in bed and drank water that they'd go away. Three hours later and no such luck. I'm still having non-painful-contractions about every 5-10 minutes and they're lasting about 45-ish seconds. They were feeling like menstrual cramps earlier, and when they were like that they were lasting about 1-1.5 minutes each and were 8-10 minutes apart. I was able to capture his heart rate on our monitor that we have and his heart rate is 140, about his normal, and he's still moving around.

Part of me is yelling at me to go to the doctor, but there's another part of me saying that it isn't a big deal. The intensity of them has gone down and so has the duration of each contraction. The fact that I didn't get out of bed and I drank water and that didn't stop them is what's telling me I should go. I'm just not ready.

There's this sweet little girl playing out in my back yard who is my everything and I don't want to leave her behind. I don't want her to not be the center of my world. I don't want to have to share my time for her. I don't want her to grow up by 1,000,000 times by bringing home a baby. All that being said, I would be beside myself to meet Baby Boy if the time was right. If this actually is labor and he is on his way, I know I will be astounded by the amount of love that I have for him in addition to my ever-growing love for Eden!

So, for now, I'm just going to sit on the couch and drink water and continue to pay attention to my body and what it's telling me about Baby Boy.

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  1. Good luck Britt! I'm so excited for you and your fam! Get some rest because this may be the last time you can do that for a while. ;) Love on Eden, put your feet up, and enjoy it all as it comes.