Tuesday, January 24, 2012


As I've taken on more and more sewing projects recently, I've begun overestimating what I'm capable of! I recently got fabric to make curtains for my room and for Baby Boy's room. In the long run it is financially more sound than buying the curtains that I like, however, it is more time consuming than just buying curtains and putting them up! I've enjoyed teaching myself what I've learned about the projects I've started, no matter how stressful it's been.

I have one of two panels completed for Baby Boy's room, and the second one is pinned and ready to be sewn. I am only waiting to be able to buy the lining for the second curtain panel. The curtains ended up being a little more challenging than I originally planned. I thought in the beginning that I would be able to just add a hem around the edges of the fabric and end up with 2 floor-length panels to cover the windows. Nope! Not this time. I realized I didn't have enough fabric to make floor length curtains {in addition to having enough to cover the rocking chair pad} so I had to alter my plans to make curtains that just went to the bottom of the window. Well, I didn't have the length I needed for that either, so I had to alter my plans again.

In the end, I love what I was able to come up with {with input from my parents and Lane} and when the second curtain is sewn and hung I know I will have great pride in the curtains in Baby Boy's room. Most of his room is homemade and I'm very proud of that. I had most of Eden's nursery made for me, with a few homemade touches to make it personalized for her. As Eden has grown and I've trusted myself more and more with the sewing machine, I've started doing more and more myself. Now both children have a homemade touch to their rooms, but not too much.
The drawing of the curtain to make sure what was in my head would be possible for the curtains.
Panel number one pinned and tacked on the window to make sure the measurements were correct. I also needed to make sure that it would work with what I had in the room already. Needless to say, I loved it and it was time to get the lining and sew my heart out.
The curtain with the crib/growth tracker/plane. Ugh, you can see the ceiling in this picture. We didn't realize until we were painting that the ceiling was the same color as the walls were. Another project to add to the "eventually" list!
The stripes on the fabric were the inspiration for the stripes on the growth tracker.
All pinned up and ready to be finished. I couldn't have asked for it to turn out any better for my first curtain project.
The details of the stripe and the transition to the "minky" fabric.
The tabs at the top of the curtain.

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