Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Big Girl and Little Boy

Oh my goodness. I can't believe how quickly life is evolving at our house! We transitioned Eden to a big girl bed and painted both kids' rooms over the weekend. We were hard at work and these paint colors were not easy to pick out. I take that back, Baby Boy's room color was easy, but Eden's room was a rough process. I wanted to do her room green, but when we started painting it looked like someone colored in her room with a highlighter. Needless to say, after a failed attempt at changing the color to a better green, I gave up and went with yellow.

I don't have any good pictures of her room finished, but I did get some pictures of her Big Girl Bed - that she loves - and of her first sleep in her big girl bed. Her first sleep was a tough-y. She was so excited about all of the change that sleep just wasn't on her agenda for the afternoon. She and I had to make an emergency run to Target because her windows needed some sort of window treatment before nap time since we took her tacky vertical blinds down and the sun was beaming in. When we came back from Target, Lane had put together her new bed and she was beyond excited to sleep in it. That became obvious when it took her almost 2 hours to go to sleep for her nap. Bed time was better. She fussed her normal fuss and then fell asleep without getting out of bed and nap time and bed time tonight were no exception! I hope we're onto something.
January 8 - Her big girl bed - a bittersweet sight for Mommy...

In her Big Girl Bed taking a nap. I was happy that she fell asleep IN her bed and not on the floor or somewhere else!
Eden's Big Girl Bed was being stored in Baby Boy's room and there was no way to get her bed in her room with her crib still in there, so we had to do both rooms in the same weekend. We had to work hard to get his room painted Saturday night {because we also cleaned out the garage that morning}. By painting his room we had to move out Eden's bed and it took up most of the hallway to our room. I guess that was a good thing because I got very tired very easily and I wouldn't have wanted to finish had everything not been in the way. I'm glad we did do both rooms in one weekend because now that it's done, I feel great! {Side note: his room isn't complete quite yet. I still need to hang pictures and things like that, but we've made great progress in his room.}
Final placement of the crib. I tried it on every wall in his room and this is where it works best.
The changing station and rocking chair. I'm going to have the stripe pattern from the  bumpers used to cover the chair pad. 
The crib with the picture that will go above the crib.
I finally got his "watch me grow" finished and now just have to hang it. {I have to hang Eden's too because I used it for my measurements on his.}

Close up of the different patterns that make up the crib bumper. I might be in love with it!

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