Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another Week Down

January 21 - Eden has found a new love...Nemo! She loves to watch Finding Nemo, which on a Mommy is tired day is perfect for sitting on the couch relaxing.
January 22 - Baby Boy's ultrasound picture from last week. My phone died, so I had to wait to take the picture to send to family, so it's a few days late, but here it is none-the-less.
January 23 - Eden after dinner. She's starting to eat like her old self again. She had been going on food strikes every now and then, but she's eating like a teenage boy again!
January 24 - On our way to the doctor. Listening to the book on CD and looking at the pages takes a lot of concentration  evidently. When she wants to "read" this book in the car she asks for "duckie book pease?"
January 25 - Being told that if I go into labor "we'll meet the baby" made me go home and put together hospital bags and get out most of our baby stuff. This is Baby Boy's bag and coming home outfit {that Parker wore home} and blanket {that I frantically had to finish} along with his diaper bag for the hospital.
January 26 - Some of our friends from Florida and Texas moved out here this past week and while they signed closing paperwork on their house we got to hang with the boys! The family stayed with us 2 nights and we loved having them here, but are more excited that they live just a mile away!!!!
January 27 - Eden is loving the Southern California weather! I caught her lounging in the chair, but of course when I started coming towards her with the camera she got up!
January 27 - Eden loves helping Mommy and Daddy make pizza. We made the dough from scratch this time and Eden had to make sure it was good before it went into the oven {ew}. You can see where she pinched it off the crust. She also dipped her pepperonis into the sauce/cheese and ate them before we cooked it. I need to find a way to teach her that just because it looks like cookie dough or cake batter doesn't mean it's going to taste as good!

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