Saturday, January 7, 2012

One Week In

2012 is here in full swing. Lane went back to work this week and Eden and I have been to Home Depot every day. We're trying to get things done upstairs in her room and Baby Boy's room. Things are coming along, but I need to listen to my own advice and sit and do nothing one day. My back hurts every day by lunch time, but things are getting done around here, so I have a hard time making myself stop! I usually use nap time to just sit and get things done that don't require a lot of energy, so I'm not ignoring my body entirely, but I need to listen more! Here's how we spent the first week of 2012.
January 1 - New Year's Day, Eden playing outside in her diaper.
January 1 - Sidewalk chalk is a current favorite. She loves that she can write on just about anything without getting in trouble!
January 1 - New Year's Day meal: Beans (for wealth), Greens (for wealth), and Pork (for health).
January 1 - Homemade banana pudding and whipped cream (thanks to Mimi, Pop, and Lane for my stand mixer) for dessert.
January 2 - Eden playing in her toy room while eating her muffins for breakfast.
January 3 - Blanket to bring Baby Boy home in. It's a work in progress and I only have 2 edges to go! Now just to get the motivation to sit back down at the sewing machine. (I have at least 3 other sewing projects to get to work on).
January 4 - Signs of a good start to a day. Oh, and yes, she might be wearing nothing but a diaper, but she insisted on the bow!
January 5 - When reaching for toys on the floor, one must watch out for the corner of the fireplace! Eden learned this lesson the hard way, but loved putting ice on her head and the bruise/swelling wasn't too bad.
January 6 - Eden came down from her nap with Daddy and evidently there weren't any diapers upstairs, but she did find a purse to carry downstairs. The girl loves her accessories!
January 6 - The C-130 vinyl on canvas ready to go on the wall above Baby Boy's crib. I'm excited to see the room coming together, even if it is in pieces now!
January 7 - Eden playing with her toys in the driveway while Mommy and Daddy got rid of trash/boxes/moving stuff from the garage so we can get a car in the garage. She loves her babies.

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