Monday, January 23, 2012

Big Trucks

Saturday night we took Eden to see the monster truck show down in San Diego. Lane and I used to go when we were in Atlanta and we loved going. It was so much fun, no matter how red-neck it sounds.

At the beginning of the show they started it with singing the National Anthem and having different groups of people stand to be recognized. Of course they had military stand to be recognized, but they also had family of military stand. This is something that always makes me smile because I'm proud to be the wife of a Marine, but last night I had a very emotional response to this action. I am no longer only the wife of a Marine, but the sister of a soon-to-be-Sailor. {There are many people in our family who are active duty or retired, but this was different.} Realizing that Parker now falls into the category of people who are serving our country and protecting our freedoms brought tears to my eyes. I was happy to be a proud sister standing to recognize the sacrifices that Parker has committed to making for the first time!

Anyways, on to the big trucks. Eden loved the idea of seeing "big trucks" and then when we told her that they were going to jump, she was beyond excited! The trucks didn't let her down, they jumped, fell over, and did a lot of spinning.
January 21
Eden and Daddy as the show started.
One of the races as the trucks came across the finish line. We waited SO long to see 2 trucks jump to finish at the same time!
Grave Digger on the right is celebrating 30 years of monster truck racing/competing.
El Toro Loco
I guess he took that corner a little too sharp trying to take the W in his race. He was ok to come back for freestyle, so all was good!
Mommy and Eden watching the big trucks.
Again, the finish line of the races.
Sharp corners and big trucks to mix well sometimes. He was able to recover and finish out his race without falling over.
As he came down from being vertical over the jump be busted the back axle of the truck and lost part of his shocks.
This was as Lane was telling me, "This is no good. White smoke means oil." In the next second the truck caught fire and Lane missed it! The flames were HUGE and I can't believe he missed the only fire of the night when he practically knew it was going to happen!
One of the many jumps during free style.
Riding on 2 wheels.
Catching some air.
Someone FINALLY went up the side of the biggest mound!

The reason you stay for see trucks flip, break, and/or catch on fire!
Excited about her Grave Digger shirt that Daddy got her!
Another flip, this time it was El Toro Loco.
Daddy got Baby Boy a truck and Eden a shirt. You can see in the big screen above us that El Toro Loco {Baby Boy's truck} just flipped and gave a great show! Daddy is a little excited!
He's got some mad ups!
Going up the mound...
...and coming down from the mound...
...and he's over! We thought he might flip right side up, but no luck.
Grave Digger at the beginning of his free style. He's always going to put on a good show. The man has no fear and he always leaves it all out on the track.

Take note: Grave Digger is driving on the side of the mound while his tire is to the left of him! He lost a tire and still finished out his run. Like I said...he leaves it all out on the track, literally.

A great view of Grave Digger driving on just 3 tires.
And jumping with just 3 tires. His 4th tire is still on the top of the mound.
HUGE jump...3 tires...WOW!

Standing on top of his truck. Proud of his accomplishment! The crowd loved it, but the judges didn't give him a great score. He finished second, but he was, by far, the best of the free style drivers.

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