Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dry Day!

Today we've got a first in the Daigle household! I'm pleased to announce that Eden has been in big girl panties and dry since she got up this morning. She started asking to go potty recently {we haven't really been pushing the issue and she lost interest when we moved with all of the changes} so we're back on the potty training band wagon! And don't forget, Santa put panties in her stocking for Christmas.

Last night for some reason, Eden wanted to got "potty on toyet" and we gave it a go. The first few times were just a lot of sitting and talking or singing while we waited for some movement - there was nothing. Each time I asked her if she wanted a timer set so she could try again. She even got to the point that she was asking after she didn't go for me to set a timer. Smart girl if you ask me! Eventually she was sitting on the potty and I noticed a ripple in the water, so I told her that was pee pee and she could do it again. She let loose and went pee pee on the big girl potty! She was so excited and she even got a stamp {on each hand!} She went once more before dinner and we put on some big girl panties. She was happy to have them on! She did have an accident at dinner, but no worries, she realized it and we sat on the potty after she had her accident.
 Today, Eden of course woke up with a wet diaper. After changing out of her jammies we put on panties after she peed on the potty. I kept Eden in her big girl panties and we continued trying to go potty. We had to run to Home Depot this morning and I took a huge leap of faith in Eden and put her diaper over her big girl panties. The trip to Home Depot was a success and she kept her panties/diaper dry. When we got home from the store I asked Eden if she wanted to go potty and she did! She's down for a nap in a diaper and we'll go back to panties after her nap and cross our fingers for success this afternoon!

All in all, we've had great success with potty training in the past 24 hours. I'm trying not to get my hopes up about the success, but I can't help but get excited. I'm trying to remember that there aren't many people out there who have successful potty training stories with a new child coming into the home. Here's hoping that if we are successful, we stay successful with little regression once Baby Boy arrives!

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