Friday, January 27, 2012

How To:

Eden was in the mood for a diaper change this week. She wanted to change her own diaper though. No help from Mommy! I knew as soon as she said "no, Eden change self" that I had to get the camera and document how she changed her own diaper. For the most part she did a very good job. She included her baby and made sure to wipe "baby privates" before wiping her own. {She knows that after she wipes her privates the wipe is trash, so she wiped the baby before wiping herself! Very smart if I do say so myself.}

Here's her how to change your own diaper:
Gather your supplies
Lay down with your supplies ready.
Take off your diaper.

Discard the old diaper. She made sure to tell me that this one was "heavy."
Take a break to talk or text someone.
Get distracted and get another baby who needs a diaper change. She kept telling me that it was Baby Boy.
Wipe your bottom.
Put diaper on.

Get up and play...without the diaper on. Maybe next time!

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