Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh Baby!

Don't get too excited. I am still the sole carrier and caretaker of Baby Boy for now. I did, however, have a doctors appointment where she made a comment that sent me into a momentary panic attack. We did the whole measure my belly and listen to his heart rate. No big deal. Everything was great. He has a strong heart beat. I've gained 32 pounds since the beginning of pregnancy {up 2 pounds from what I gained with Eden, but I started 10 pounds lighter, so its all good}. My belly is measuring right on track. My blood pressure and other vitals look good.

Well, everything was great until I told her that I was having some Braxton Hix contractions, but that they weren't too bad and they always subsided over time. I told her that I had them with Eden and they just kind of come and go. The scary part wasn't that she said it was ok to have them as long as they came and went. The scary part was her response was, "well, if you have a baby then you have a baby at this point." Wait, what?! I could have a baby any day now? No, no, no, that's not what we've been planning!

She does not think that I am going to be going into labor any time soon. All she meant by her comment was that if I do go into labor that they won't take many precautions to prevent Baby Boy from making his appearance. I remember being so excited when I got to this point with Eden, but this time it really scared me! My house is a disaster. Grandparents won't be getting here until mid-march {which they weren't planning on being here when I had the baby anyways, but still}. I still have a shelf I want to hang in his room. And lastly, I'm not sure I'm emotionally ready for Eden to not be my only child. Too late for that, I know, but the emotions are hitting hard. She's my baby. She's going to grow up by leaps and bounds when Baby Boy gets here and I know there's no preventing it. Oh comes the emotional roller coaster called life!

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