Friday, January 20, 2012


Wednesday I had the opportunity to see Baby Boy again. I had an ultrasound to measure where my placenta is lying so we can officially rule out placenta previa/low lying placenta. I'm happy to say that things have resolved themselves and Baby Boy is head-down. Unless things change, we're on track for a vaginal birth and will be able to avoid a c-section.

The doctor currently has my due date listed as February 27th, but according the the ultrasound Baby Boy is measuring to be due March 8. This is looking scarier and scarier when it comes to remembering that this year is a leap year. I don't know that the doctor will change anything this late in the game with regards to my due date, but I will find out next week when I see the doctor. My appointment this week was just with the ultrasound tech, so he didn't have any answers regarding my medical care. I'll keep you updated next week when I see the doctor!

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