Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Start

It has been a long time coming! Lane and I couldn't get on the same page regarding Baby Boy's room, but finally came to a conclusion and have started decorating! Though the room is not exactly a "theme room," I did break down and agree to airplanes to help make the room "ultra boy" to please Lane. {Well, I like it too, so it works even better!} Lane finally jumped off the theme room band wagon and decided to join me in just going with a color scheme for the room. His rationale was that if he walks into the room each day and there's a room based on colors that he isn't going to hate it, whereas if I walk into a theme room every day I will hate it and won't let it go. Whatever...but I guess in the long run, he's right. Nothing from the theme rooms grew on me and I just couldn't seem to make it work in my head. I'm able to make the airplane/color theme work in my head and I hope I'm able to put it into action. So far so good! Here's what we have so far:

This is the original airplane inspiration. This is a vinyl of the C-130 that Lane will be flying in the coming months. I am going to put the vinyl on canvas and with a few coats of paint, the plane will come to life and hang above Baby Boy's crib {which was going on this wall, but I'm not 100% sure of that anymore.} This is the view from the door, by the way.
From the closet, looking back to the door {the wall with the airplane taped on it is to the right of me taking the picture}. I've actually put the changing table against the wall with the window {still in the corner} and I'm thinking I'm going to hang planes above the changing table.
The bumpers for the crib and the stripe fabric for curtains and his rocking chair pad. The 3 paint colors are the ones we're deciding between. I think I've ruled out the darker blue since his room is smaller.
The airplanes that will "fly" above his changing table {I think} and the colors that the planes will be.
Again, but with the fabric that will make the curtains.
So there you have it. Your sneak peak into Baby Boy's room. He's kicking me as I upload these pictures, so I'm thinking he thinks it's going to be a hit! I sure hope so. I also hope it's "boy" enough for Lane to eventually like as much as some of the {ugly} theme rooms he liked!

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