Monday, January 23, 2012

OK Mommy!

We have been battling with a stubborn almost-two-year-old recently! She's been saying "not yours, mine!" to no one in particular and she's been saying "no" more and more. For example, "Eden, do you want to color?" and most times {even when yes is the correct answer in her head} "no" is the response. Then this is followed by me saying ok and walking away and Eden pitching a fit. I know, hard to believe that my perfect little angel of a child says no and pitches fits, but she does!

Because of the ever growing occasions to which Eden is saying no, pitching fits and saying mine we are trying to nip it in the bud. One way we're trying to battle this is to remind her that "saying 'mine' isn't polite" and that the proper thing to do is to share. We also have the conversation often that no isn't a good response to give Mommy and Daddy and the better one is to say, "ok, Mommy/Daddy" and do as instructed. As you can imagine, this is a very slow process and is very often met with resistance from our stubborn child {who did she get that from?!}

This morning I was making breakfast for us and tripping over a lot of Eden's toys in the process. While trying to keep my cool, I just slid them out of my way, closer and closer to the living room where they belong. Eden at one point came up and wanted to play with her picnic basket {this toy had been slid out of my way at least 14 times at this point} and I told her that she needed to play with the picnic basket in the living room if she wanted to play with it. Lucky for me, I got my first ever, "ok, Mommy!" followed by Eden taking it into the living room to play!

How excited was I that she did what I asked her to do?! Excited enough to share the event with everyone else! I know that this isn't the end of hearing "no" or "mine" or having tantrums, but it's the beginning and to get to the end of anything, you have to start at the beginning, right?

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