Wednesday, January 25, 2012


February is the month of love! We don't really celebrate Valentine's Day as a couple since my birthday is just a few days after, but that won't stop us from loving on Eden and celebrating with her! We made Valentine's to send to grandparents early so we could get one out to Parker too. He's graduating from boot camp on February 10, so I wanted him to get some love before moving to Florida since he's having it rough right now. My hope was to get one to our siblings and their families too, but Eden had other plans. She liked me to paint her hands because it was cold and it tickled...but it was only funny the first time. Trying to get the other 3 done that we made wasn't as funny to her. {I had to make one to keep since it was made with her hand print.}
January 22
Painting away. 
She's concentrating!

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