Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Time Flies

I was talking to Lane last night about this time last year. I couldn't believe where we were this time last year when we were talking about it. I was planning Eden's first birthday {I should probably get started on her 2nd party soon, huh?} and we were getting used to having a walking child in our home. How on earth did we go from that to where we are now. And how did it happen so quickly?!

Last year we were trying to coax Eden into taking more and more steps and she would just taunt us. She took her first steps on January 2, 2011, but didn't really want anything to do with walking until she could practically run! Now she's running, "jumping," climbing and everything else! She's in and out the back door on her own {it's so beautiful here in SoCal that we leave the door open and have a fenced in back yard.} She loves "folding clothes" with Mommy. I do wish she would fold her doll clothes and not the ones that I've just folded though!

She's a great big helper. She rocks her babies, puts them in Baby Boy's swing/cradle/crib and shh's them and tells them to close their eyes. If Lane or I are in the room she will shh us and tell us "baby sleeping" so that we won't be too loud and wake them. She does this with her Pink Bear, Special Bear, Other Bear, and Baby. They all share her duck and her pink blanket that she's now adopted as necessary for bed time. What on earth are we going to do when Baby Boy arrives and takes over all of the places that she puts her bears and baby {that actually belong to him}?!

Speaking of Baby Boy, he wasn't even in the picture this time last year! I'm sure we had started talking about the possibility of a second child some time soon, but we had no idea some time soon was going to be so soon! We still had Lane's upcoming selection from Primary and a move to Texas to look forward to.

Now we have Baby Boy who will be here in about 5-6 weeks {how did that happen?!} and Lane has completed flight school! This time next year I'll be planning another first birthday party {and a 3rd birthday party...what?!}, we'll have either a walker, or soon-to-be walker, in our house and life will be crazy! I wouldn't trade it for anything though. Well, maybe I would. I think I'd trade it for more time within each stage of the kids' lives! Time just moves too quickly, and it seems to move even faster now that there are children in the picture.

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