Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bring On Baby

This week we spent a lot of time trying to coax Baby Boy into the world. I'm trying everything from exercising to relaxing and eating spicy foods to drinking raspberry tea.
February 24 - You'd think that Eden had sat on her pillow and had an accident. Nope, she sweats like her Daddy when she sleeps and this is the sweat spot that she left on her pillow after nap time.
February 25 - We went to the grocery store to make sure to get the essentials for bringing Baby Boy into the world.
February 26 - My loves sitting outside in the Southern California sun on a lazy Sunday.
February 27 - Eden got to watch Gabba while she ate lunch today and I discovered that she might be grasping the concept of potty training, but not the concept of being a lady when she's wearing panties!
February 28 - Parker sent the kids their first Navy package! Baby Boy is going to look like his uncle when he gets dressed up and Eden is going to LOVE her socks. She's a true girl and loves all things shoes!
February 29 - LEAP YEAR!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome Baby Hunter Alan Daigle. Born at 3:20pm (PST) and weighed 6lbs 15oz (same as Eden) and was 20 inches long.
March 1 - Eden got to come meet her brother. She loved holding him and had no interest in letting him go. She would have sat on the bed holding him for hours if we had let her.
March 2 - Bed time at home with her brother. She was excited to show him how to say her prayers and sing her night night songs. Here she saw me pull out my phone to take a picture and she was saying "cheese." She is still very excited about having a baby brother.

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