Saturday, March 24, 2012

March 18 - My 2 favorite men!
March 19 - Someone is in a milk coma. I love this shirt, it couldn't be more perfect for our family.
March 20 - They're silhouetted, but it's Pop and Hunter on the couch together. 
March 21 - Eden reading a book to Hunter. I love how she loves him so perfectly. She knew instantly how to be a big sister. It is just amazing to me!
March 21 - Loving the beach!
March 22 - Eden got a belated birthday gift along with Hunter getting some burp cloths from our good friends the Zackmans! They're too good to us and we sure do miss them since moving from TX.
March 23 - Hunter was a little bit hungry! He's always hungry. He would eat every minute of every day if I let him. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that he's spitting up a lot these days.
March 24 - Our little man hanging out on the couch in his "upright" so he can try to hold his food down.

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