Thursday, March 29, 2012

4 Weeks Old

Oh wow! I feel like time hasn't stopped for one second since Hunter has been born. We've said hello and goodbye to Mimi and Pop and we're in the middle of our visit from Grandma and Grandpa now. Hunter is still thriving and doing well. He's starting to eat every 3-4 hours except for right before bed time. I'm alright with him eating more often then because he sleeps more at night. For the past 2 nights he's been getting up twice and he's starting to master his nursing sessions so they aren't lasting as long. This is a true blessing since his sister is a wild child! In the past week Hunter has started spitting up after every meal, so he's causing us to do a lot more laundry around here! He's not seeming to be uncomfortable by this, but I feel like he's losing more food than he's keeping down sometimes. He also has a bad case of baby acne. I joke with him and tell him that he already looks like a teenage boy. He's staying awake more and more, though he's most commonly found resting in someone's arms and not getting much alone time. I guess that's what comes with grandparents being in town, huh?

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  1. I can see who the "wild" one is in these pics. Hunter can sleep through anything - thank goodness.