Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Day Late

I've been so good about making sure to update my pictures on Saturdays, but this week I let it slip! Mimi and Pop got in late Friday night and then yesterday we had Eden's birthday party and I totally lost track of time. Without anymore hesitation, here are your weekly pictures!
March 8 - Are we going to have a thumb sucker?! Oh, I hope not.
March 9 - Eden used her pipe cleaners to make "sayas" {sunglasses}
March 10 - Sometimes the only way to get things done around the house {and go shopping} is to put him in our carrier. 
March 11 - What a cute little stretchy face!
March 12 - I couldn't get over how blonde he looked after having a bath.
March 13 - Eden's new kitchen stuff from her Aunt Sara. 
March 14 - Laying in his pack-n-play. I just love his shirt!
March 14 - She loves her strawberries! She also loves raspberries.
March 15 - There are moments when I wish they didn't say "Back is Best" because he loves sleeping on his belly.
March 16 - Again, on his belly and sucking his thumb. 
March 17 - Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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