Thursday, March 8, 2012

Coming Home

When we finally got the ok to leave the hospital {and our closet of a room} we jumped at the idea. We were excited to get this little guy home and we were excited to get to be with Eden again! We started to get Hunter dressed for the occasion only to realize that his outfit we had for him was just a little too big for him. When he pulled his arms in towards himself, they disappeared into the bodice of the outfit. I was glad we had another outfit that could do the job, but sad that we had to change things up. His original outfit was the one that Parker left the hospital in.

When we got home, Eden was napping at Angie and James' house, so we just took Hunter home to meet the dogs. We were probably home for about 30 minutes to an hour before we went to pick Eden up, so I let Hunter start using some of his new toys. Ginger made sure that nothing happened to him and that he was well guarded as we made the transition from only having 1 kid to keep up with to having 2 kids to keep up with.
Things at home have gone well. We have taken both kids out of the house twice now and things feel normal. Hunter is sleeping well and waking during the night to eat. We still have to wake him during the day, but as long as he's getting enough to eat during the day I'm going to let him sleep as long as he wants to during the night. Crossing my fingers that he continues to be a good sleeper and that he starts sleeping through the night sooner than later!

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