Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Ear piercing fun to be exact! We had planned on getting Eden's ears pierced for her birthday, but had to put it off because of her being sick. Because we put it off we were able to get them done while Mimi and Pop were in town. She was excited to get them done, but I'm not sure she realized what was ahead of her. I know the anxiety that I felt before {and during...and after} was extreme. My heart was racing and I almost cried when she realized the pain that was involved with an ear piercing.

As we left the mall, Lane said she looked like a little delicate girl. We had originally talked about doing different sports with Eden. Now, Lane said he can't see her as a sports girl, that he can only see her doing ballet and different delicate hobbies. I thought it was funny that he said that because he's always the one that's talked about her not being a girly girl. He has said from day one that he was going to take her out hunting and that he was going to make sure she did all the "boy things" that there are to do so that she is well rounded!
Looking at the options with Mommy.
Picking out which earrings she wants.
Getting all marked up and ready for the piercing.
Piercing guns ready, Pop holding her head steady so they could do both at the same time.
This is when she realized that there was pain involved. And when Mommy realized that taking her to get her shots was easier than taking her to get her ears pierced.
Oh my goodness, I couldn't take it. This was so hard to look at!
Trying to remind her that they promised her a surprise after getting her ears pierced.
We brought the duck with us to comfort her.
Getting her ears cleaned for the first time so Mommy could learn how to do it right when we had to do it on our own.
Looking at her sucker with her tears all dried up.
Everything is better when you have a sticker and a sucker!
So pretty! We decided to get the March birthstone for her - aquamarine.

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