Monday, March 12, 2012

Newborn Photo Session

We got to have a newborn session with Hunter. I was hoping for some naked baby pictures, but when I scheduled the session I didn't think about the fact that his circumcision wasn't going to be healed, and I didn't want to have him exposed too long. Not to mention, when he doesn't have on a diaper and he kicks his legs around I was afraid he was going to make himself too uncomfortable. We did get some great shots and I'm very excited for what we have.

 Since we had his session on Eden's birthday we also asked the photographer to take some pictures of Eden for us. She was happy to do it and I'm glad Eden didn't hit her low point with her ear ache and cold until after her pictures! She's definitely usually more smiley, but we were able to catch some of her happy moments while we had her pictures done.

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