Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hot Tub Re-Do

We discovered that the old door on the back of the hot tub was busted. We also discovered that the wood that made up the old hot tub skirt was rather worn out and ready to be replaced. We knew this would happen eventually, but we didn't realize how soon it would have to happen. Because of the worn out pieces and because of the busted door, there were lizards living in the skirt of the hot tub. When I say lizards, I really mean miniature dragons! The lizards here are HUGE! I've never seen anything like them. The dogs discovered the lizards and their home and were constantly trying to get into the skirt which was wearing down the worn out pieces even more. 

Lane was excited to get out his new expanded collection of power tools to re-do the skirt. He mulled over it for a few days {and then we had a baby} and decided the best way to re-do the hot tub. I was excited to see it get a face lift. He did a great job if I do say so myself! You be the judge.

The hot tub sans the original skirt.
Now the hot tub sans the old skirt and insulation. The frame is the newest addition to the hot tub and the start of the re-do for the new skirt.
The first side of the skirt is up and running! Eden was making sure Daddy was doing everything right, every step of the way.
2 sides done!
My workin' man! I'm so proud of him for accomplishing this task before going back to work after Hunter was born.
Eden watching Daddy cut the wood. Notice she's got her own pieces to play with and she's stood one on end. 
Watching Daddy. Making sure things are done right.
I was spotted taking pictures through the window!
Working hard.
This was the last of the skirt to be completed. He also had to build in a "door" for the "brains" of the hot tub.
Close up of the door. He was kind of proud of this because it took more thought than he first imagined it would.
The last bit of details - for now. He still wants to frame it out, but everything is enclosed so we're happy!

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