Friday, March 9, 2012


We celebrated Eden's birthday with our little expanded family on her actual birthday by opening her presents from extended family that came in the mail. Lane and I decorated the kitchen for her so that she had her own little space to celebrate. We also made sure she had a candle to blow out {and she did!} The only thing we weren't able to do was get her ears pierced. We wanted to get her ears done as a present to her, but since she had a runny nose last Saturday and was complaining about her ear hurting on Sunday we just didn't think it was a good idea. Depending on how she feels this weekend we might take her to get them done this weekend. We're just going to have to go day by day to see when it will be possible to get them done.
She's one lucky girl!
Her breakfast set up so she could wake up to a fun birthday surprise!
Blowing out her candle on her muffins.
Digging in! I wonder what's in the bag!!!!
CUPS! With straws! And who could not notice that there's a "shoo fly kiss" on them too.
The cup had to be filled and used right away.
Very excited to read her card from Aunt Karen, Uncle Todd, Lauren, Rebecca, Alyssa, Noah, and McKenna.
Her diaper bag from Aunt Angela, Uncle David and Mackenzie.
Elmo jammies from Grandma and Grandpa.
Her "2" doll that Mimi and Pop sent. I collected these porcelain dolls growing up and Mimi and Pop make sure she gets her correct doll each year from my collection {I don't trust moving around as much as we do to keep them in tact if we don't have the boxes, so they stay stored at Mimi and Pop's house.}
She's started showing interest in playing pretend/dress up, so we got her a few outfits to play in.
Loving her hat! Such a cutie. 

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