Thursday, March 22, 2012

3 Weeks Old

Oh wow how time flies! Hunter is already 3 weeks old and I think he's starting to get the hang of life outside the womb. He's got his days and nights figured out, but he's also figured out that he likes to be held. I guess that was a given since Mimi and Pop are here and Grandma and Grandpa get here next week! Hunter is still putting up with his sister and she loves to "make him happy" whenever he's crying - and sometimes when he's not crying! He still doesn't cry much, he's more of a grunter. He will let out a wail if you ignore his grunts long enough, but usually just one wail before he goes back to grunting. {Beware...Hunter was not in the mood for pictures this week and didn't cooperate as well as he has been! But he did make sure to dress for the occasion.}

Eden wanted in on the action, but didn't want to smile for me. Good thing they're both cute since neither one cooperated!

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