Saturday, March 10, 2012

The First Week Being Four

We made it! Hunter celebrated being a week old this week and we were able to make it through the week with little excitement. No complaints here! Eden did get grumpy and has a cold, but this too shall pass. We've enjoyed getting to know how to function as a family of four. There have been tears shed - mainly by Eden, and some by me! Change just rocks our world and she and I evidently don't do well with change. I knew that about myself, but we're learning more and more about Eden through this process. She's loving her brother and she still wants to be our big helper and is fabulous with him.
March 3 - Daddy hanging out with the 2 littles. This sight makes my heart smile!
March 4 - Eden opening her presents on her birthday.
March 4 - This is how she ended up mid-morning with an ear that was hurting and a bad runny nose. Poor baby, what a crummy way to spend a birthday!
March 5 - Hunter's first bath at home. He was actually very good about it. He only cried once, but as soon as I put the towel back over him he was fine. I'm excited to have another water baby in the family!
March 6 - My tired boy. I thought I'd take a minute to cuddle with him on the couch, but then he wanted to wake up and eat not even 5 minutes after I took this picture.
March 7 - Eden covered Hunter and was sharing "Pink Bear" with him. She was so proud of herself for being sweet and sharing.
March 8 - Hunter after his morning nursing session. Sometimes the only way to keep him awake for nursing is to take all his clothes off!

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