Monday, March 26, 2012

Mimi and Pop Were Here

Mimi and Pop came out to visit so they could see us and meet Hunter. They got here on Friday the 16th and were able to stay until Sunday the 25th. We were excited to have them and we were able to get things done around the house and enjoy their company. Here are some pictures from their visit.
Morning #1 with Mimi and Pop.
Mimi and Hunter at Eden's party.
Hunter and Pop at Eden's party.
Mimi relaxing with Hunter.
Pop helping Lane put in new baseboards.
One thing Mimi wanted to do was see the Pacific. Since I hadn't seen it yet either, this was a perfect opportunity to go check out the beautiful blue water.
We were able to enjoy an evening in the hot tub. One of the perks of owning a hot tub is that we can lower the temperature enough for Eden to enjoy it with us too!
Lane got a new motorcycle while my parents were here and everyone got to go for a ride. To begin with, Pop didn't want to ride, but after everyone saying how pretty the short ride was that we went on, he decided to try it out.
Pop got some seeds to take home with him and he let Eden plant a few to keep here before packing them up to take them home with him.
Pop and Eden enjoying the SoCal sun in the back yard!
Pop wanted to go to the Cabrillo National Monument. This was the view from the monument - breathtaking!
Mimi and Pop looking out over the ocean. 

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