Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

Though we typically have great weather most days out here in Sunny Southern California, the trees and flowers haven't been blooming. I think every day the leaves and flowers double! We're so excited to see what the yard has in store for us as we embark on a new season. I've started staining the picnic table boards so it can be put together. Lane just re-did the hot tub skirt, so it's nice and pretty. And the kids are just enjoying the weather!

We were afraid the grape vines were dead, so we were happy to see some leaves on it!
"Mommy, I say cheese!!!"
These were a pleasant surprise! They're beautiful and I hope there are more of them hidden in the yard.
The lime tree is getting some buds.

Even Nugget is enjoying being outside more and more.

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