Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Dump

This week I've been slightly MIA because we had family in town and we've been running all over San Diego and the local attractions. We've enjoyed having Jeanine and Chantelle here with us to help us figure out how and where to explore.
June 22 - Eden feeding her baby. She said we were "feeding babies algeter {together}!"
June 22 - Eden watching the flamingos while we were waiting on our friends at the zoo.
June 23 - Eden was tracing Daddy with the sidewalk chalk. She loves to be traced and to trace us. After someone is traced she likes to make sure they have fingernail polish and a bellybutton. 
June 24 - Hunter is one happy baby after he's fed!
June 24 - My "fireworks" for decoration on my new table in the kitchen.
June 24 - Eden was supposed to be taking a nap...
June 25 - The beds are turned down and ready for Jeanine and Chantelle to arrive!
June 25 - He's getting to be so strong!
June 26 - We took Jeanine and Chantelle to the squadron to show them where Lane works and to show them "his" plane. While we were there this plane was being moved so we were able to get some good pictures of it. 
June 27 - Eden in a cave at the tide pools at Point Loma.
June 28 - Eden as a butterfly and Jeanine as a flower at the safari park. Jeanine has a slight obsession with butterflies!
June 29 - My sweet baby boy is 4 months old today! How did he get so old?! 
June 30 - We took Jeanine to Dixon Lake to see the views. I always find it breathtaking, so I couldn't not take a picture.

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