Sunday, June 24, 2012

Motherhood Is...{25}

Laying around

I love that my "job" allows me time to just hang out sometimes. Hunter is learning to roll, so I try to give him time on the floor. Since he's not mobile and moving about I feel like he might get bored. Since I have these feelings I take it upon myself to lay down on the floor and entertain him. I figure if he has something to look at to one side or anther I can try to get him to look and roll. Wishful thinking thus far, but I'm willing to give it a go! I know, twist my arm, I have to lay down on the job and give my back a rest. And best part about it is that my "boss" {well, 1 of my 3 bosses} lays down with me and even laughs at my jokes!!! This can only happen if the other 2 are occupied - Eden would be crawling all over us and Lane would be wondering when I was going to fold the laundry that I'm laying next to! *He would never ask me this, this is an exaggeration! But he will just sit there and stare at the laundry and in my mind I know I should fold it, so it's his fault...right?*

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