Sunday, June 10, 2012

Motherhood Is...{23}

Kisses make everything better! Hunter loves kisses and will actually giggle if you give him some good smakers behind his ears. Eden is now letting us kiss her "owies" and is no longer getting embarrassed by getting hurt. She's having to learn that Mommy and Daddy don't kiss owies on feet though. She closed the closet door on her toe the other day and didn't like that we wouldn't kiss right on the owie. We kiss our hands and place it on the owie. First of all, the kid has sweaty stinky feet sometimes. Second, she occasionally has potty accidents and I know if her socks are wet, her feet are off limits to my mouth unless it's right after bath time! Eden kisses for Hunter can brighten my day any time! No matter what's going on, I love to see Eden giving Hunter kisses. Obviously, by the look on his face in this picture {that is NOT posed, just captured at the right moment in time} he loves getting Eden kisses too!

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