Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 17 - Lane's anniversary gift. Since it's our "wooden" anniversary he got a model of his new ride.
The plane in the kitchen on my *awesome* new table. I'm trying to figure out how to finish decorating the table.
June 18 - Eden's first library check out. She has her very own card and was very excited to get books to "share" with the library. She didn't even look at the books she picked, she just grabbed them off the shelf. She picked out Follow the Drinking Gourd, I go Potty, Epossumondas {I had to make sure she picked a book that was written in English!} Willow's Christmas, and Manners at a Friends House.
June 18 - Dancing at story time in her listening circle.
June 18 - Hunter's entertainment! He loves his giraffe on his play mat!
June 19 - Eden playing at the San Diego Children's Discovery Museum. This place is awesome and Eden loves to be able to go and run around from station to station. The museum is even free for military all summer so we'll be going often!
June 20 - Hunter has started sucking on his arm. Ginger was just popping into the picture to make sure he's doing ok!
June 21 - Hunter joined Eden and I at our picnic lunch on the porch today. He loves being a "big boy" and it makes me just a little sad to see him getting so big so fast!

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