Monday, June 11, 2012

Paint Me a Picture

Today we spent the morning in the car to meet Lane at work. He's taking classes for his ground job at the squadron. He's been tasked to be the legal officer and he's enjoying some time in some classes {sarcasm is intentional!} He's at a different base in San Diego, so it was farther away than his "home base" at Miramar. We were able to {eventually} have lunch with him after driving a million circles trying to find the NEX food court. Once we got home I thought Eden deserved some "her" time because we were driving all morning {and missed story time at the library} so I busted out her paints and stripped her down. We went outside and painted our hearts out while Hunter watched from the sidelines.

I asked her to put her hands up and say "ta da" and this is what I got.

When it was time to clean up and rinse out the brushes that she used I turned on the faucet on the side of the house and let Eden get clean! She was a little confused and was totally against getting her panties wet, but when I told her she could she gave in and was willing to indulge in the water. I told her to get in the water like it's a shower and all of a sudden she was trying to stand under the water and it was all I could do to not laugh at her! She enjoyed the rinse-off just as much as she enjoyed the painting!

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