Friday, June 22, 2012

16 Weeks Old

This week Hunter is turning into the old man that he sometimes looks like. He's starting to get really gassy and they're worse than his old mans! He can clear a room that's for sure. I don't remember Eden being gassy like this and boy does he know how to make me say "he's all boy" already. I never thought my cute cuddly little boy could stink so bad! On a more serious note, he's starting to show interest in rolling back to belly. Though this may not seem like much to the average reader, this means that I might start sleeping again! If he can learn how to get back onto his belly when he rolls at night he might start staying asleep or just not fussing about the initial roll. *I can dream can't I?* He's rolling to his side, but can't quite figure out how to get over the hump of his arm to make it all the way to his belly. When it comes to sleep, he can be such a tease. He slept all night 2 nights in a row and then last night he woke up at 2:30, 7, and then at 10 for the day {because 7 is just too early for this momma to function well! If he starts wanting to make this a habit anyways}.

 And onto the out takes for the week. There are a ton. That's what I get for waiting until bed time to take the pictures. He was over it before we started and he let me know!

 And then we have the attack of the big sister. She wanted to take his picture too, but this camera doesn't have any film left on it unfortunately.

It looks like a mean face, but she's saying cheese and this is her new camera face right now.

 Then the camera hog decided to end the night for the weekly pictures since Hunter had had enough...

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