Thursday, June 21, 2012

Flight Suit Formal

Every summer, Lane's squadron's officers wives group {did you follow all of that?!} has a Flight Suit Formal. The ladies take old flight suits that have been retired and alter them to make them fun and feminine. I'm really excited about this for many reasons: 1, I've not met a more fun group of women in a long time! 2, I love to get the chance to be creative. 3, I'm loving getting to use my sewing machine and learn more about it and this is a fun way to expand my horizons! 4, I'm always up for a fun party!

So, as I'm getting ready to make my flight suit, I started with a back piece for the flight suit. I mimicked the patch that the squadron wears and I made it "bling" with rhinestones! Who can complain about sparkling?!
In the works. I had no idea how much bling I would need and I ran out!
All done and ready to be cut out and sewn on the flight suit...whenever I get that altered and ready to be embellished!
My flight suit with the "patch" on the back. Take note that the sleeves have been cut and hemmed! I cut the sleeves and the pant legs to make them more feminine. I've also cropped the pants to just below the knee! {Please note that this my first EVER alteration to any clothing!}
I re-purposed the sleeves of the flight suits that I cut and made them into koozies.

Angie and Dana with the Raiders flag at the Flight Suit Formal.

My call sign
The ladies who hosted the evening even went above and beyond to get us our very own challenge coin! It's military tradition to have challenge coins and I was excited to get my very own coin! Lane has a lot of coins and we usually get one for each command that he's been a part of, but now I have one of my own. The coins are collectables and they're also ways of on-the-spot-recognition at times. When Lane was in primary for flight school he "earned" the Commanders Coin because of a flight that he had that ended up being more challenging than it was supposed to be because of weather. They adapted to the weather and landed the planes with everyone being safe {it was a formation flight and 3 pilots were involved}, so they got a coin for recognition. I might not have done anything that cool, but I'm a proud coin-holder of the very first "Raiders Spouse" coin!

 The night ended up being a great night. Angie and I had a designated driver, so we made sure to take advantage of not having the kids for the evening and being able to get home safely! All in all, we had a fabulous time and I look forward to being able to enjoy the event again next year!

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